After this evenings pizza saga, i’m going back to basics. Clear requirements, and mitigating risk.

I’m going to make my own pizza, and keep one in the freezer. Problem solved :)

The Dominos Pizza Saga…..and why can’t Dominos sort their tech out…. (you could refactor the Java Pet Store, i’m sure Alice and Bob could help)………?

It all started at 20:15, when I ordered a pizza. I checked the pizza tracker (Dom….), which said I hoped I had enjoyed my pizza (this was 21:15). What pizza? None had been delivered By 22:00, I resorted to phoning them. Apparently there was a delay of 90 minutes. I suggested that they put it on the website, tell Dom….whatever. They said they weren’t sure the website could do that, and the pizza was out for delivery, long wait.

Whilst I was on the phone, the pizza was delivered. Apparently the pizza had been out for delivery in the last six minutes.

As a developer, who likes a challenge, I am intrigued… why are there so many versions of “May I ask where my pizza is (please)?”

Dom said one thing, the store said something else, and the delivery guy said six minutes. The pizza was kind of OK, but it makes me wonder why they don’t just sort their tech out.

If there is a ninety minute wait, let the customer know…..